Do you ship internationally?

We are based in Perth. Western Australia

We offer a flat rate $28 international priority service to most major international destinations.

For  our international priority shipping to your door  allow  5-8 working days.

Don't hesitate to enquire with us from other destinations if you would like a shipping quote

How long will it take for my order to arrive

We normally ship within 24 hours of receiving your order

For standard shipping within Australia allow 5-10 working days

For express shipping within Australia allow 2-4 working days

For international priority shipping  allow 5-8 working days to your door

Occasionally times are subject to change due to carrier issues beyond our control.

 Do you offer refunds or exchanges?


We will offer refunds or replacement of an item if it is proven to be faulty or arrive damaged. 

We will need to be sent photographs  of the item and the packaging within 7 days of receipt of your order for claims. Replacements for faulty or damaged good is shipped at no cost.


We also offer refunds or exchanges if you change your mind on the condition that you pay the return shipping cost to us and that the item is returned to us in its original shipping mailer and arrives to us in perfect condition. An additional $5 shipping charge would apply for the replacement order to be sent.

What makes our planners different?

We design and make our planners in our studio using premium grade whiteboard film and materials. We are all detail oriented perfectionists and have spent many years developing our products and getting all the finer details just right... Every Planner that leaves our studio is quality checked and hand packaged by us in our studio in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

 How do I best take care of my planner


As your planner has a premium grade whiteboard film it is easy to simply wipe clean and won’t become smeary or messy.  Generally your planner can be erased without cleaner. A dry erase with just your magnetic eraser or the tip of your whiteboard marker will usually be enough to clean your planner. However particularly if the marker has been left on for a while or if you need a thorough clean, a small amount of whiteboard cleaner will bring your organiser back to new.

Avoid cleaner near the edges of your planner. Never use any cleaner other than small amounts of whiteboard cleaner. 


When writing with chalk markers we recommend softening the chalk marker with a damp tissue or soft damp cloth and wiping dry with a microfiber cloth. 

Other types of cleaners will likely damage the surface. 

Only use the eraser, or a soft cloth or a soft tissue on the gloss surface.

 Never use anything rough or abrasive across the surface.

Avoid water near the edges of your planner.

Why do you sell both whiteboard markers and chalk markers

Most of our organisers have light background areas for writing and for these calendars we offer ultra fine tip black whiteboard pens. 

For our planners with solid black backgrounds we recommend a white ultra fine tip chalk marker.

Whiteboard pens will erase off our planners very easily with just a wipe of our supplied eraser unless they have been left on for a very long time. Ultra fine black chalk markers can be used for names or headers that you would like to be semi permanent on either planner type and are easy to clean off with a damp cloth followed by a dry microfiber cloth

 Why is my chalk marker not working?

When you receive your liquid chalk marker you will will need to shake it and gently push the nib down to start the chalk flow. The detailed instructions are printed on the pen.

 Why are my colour whiteboard pens faint when I first use them?

The colour pens have a protective coating on their nibs when they are made which needs to be worked off for the colour to flow through the nib. The colour will intensify if you work the coating off by writing with the pens . In addition facing the pen tip downwards on the fridge for 24 hours will produce stronger colour. We recommend pens to be stored horizontally once colour intensifies.

Why do you recommend shaking pens and storing pens them horizontally?

By shaking pens and inverting with the pen facing down for 24 hours  you will obtain a stronger line. We don’t recommend the pens to be stored this way however as over time the nib will likely become over saturated and thicker. If pens are stored with the nib facing up the colour will become faint and less intense. By storing them horizontally good ink flow can be maintained