A4 THIS WEEK To Do Eucalyptus

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We have spent many years getting all the finer details just right. We use an expensive gloss film on our planners

Super easy to keep clean. They don't become smudgy & messy!

Entire planner is backed with a strong magnetic sheet

All planners can be used with our Wall Panels on cupboards & walls. Wall Panels turn any space into an Organisation Hub!

Check them out Here All our planners are made in our Studio in Perth, Western Australia


Large W 37.2 cm x H 27.4 cm ( 14 1/2" x 10 3/4" )  

A4 W 29.7 cm x H 21 cm ( 11.3/4" x 8 1/5" )

Mini W 12 cm x H 20.5 cm ( 4 3/4" x 8 " )


• Due to the special film on our planners whiteboard cleaner is not normally required for day to day use

• Keep edges of planner away from liquid cleaner

• Whiteboard cleaner or IPA (isopropyl alcohol) cleaner may be used. We recommend Diggers IPA available at hardware stores

Whiteboard pens

• Simply wipe with your eraser/pen cap to clean Use whiteboard cleaner/IPA if writing has been on for a long time

• Whiteboard pens are for use on white background planners only

• Black background planners require chalk or posca markers

Chalk markers

• Remove planner from fridge or wall, place on a flat surface. Dampen  tissue with water, wipe planner avoiding edges

• Wait 30-60 seconds for the writing to soften. Wipe off with a tissue then dry with microfibre cloth

Posca Markers

• Can be used on white and black background planners

• Require cleaning with IPA (isopropyl alcohol)

• Remove planner from fridge or wall, place on a flat surface Spray approx 2 sprays of IPA onto the middle of your planner

• With a dry tissue wipe planner to remove most of the Posca marker

• Wipe any residual Posca off with a microfibre cloth

How to Prepare Chalk & Posca Markers

Shake the marker
energetically up and down with the cap on

You will hear the ball
inside clicking-this means the paint is being mixed.

Press the tip several times
on a piece of paper until the tip is filled with paint

Test the marker flow on a
spare piece of paper

It is useful to keep a
tissue at hand to clean the tip easily or absorb excess paint


Never use any cleaner other than small amounts of whiteboard cleaner or IPA (isopropyl alcohol). We don’t recommend using alcohol wipes as they often have additional additives. Any abrasives or the chemicals in other cleaners will damage the whiteboard film over time

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I loved the original This Week and This Month planners so much that I asked Tash for a custom design --- and it's amazing!! 100% recommend. I live in the UK but I couldn't find anything anywhere near as good over here :) So worth it!

United Kingdom

Love what I got! Customer service was second to none! Appreciate it ❤️


Absolutely perfect. Exactly as ordered. Lovely quality. Started using it immediately and it was just what I needed. Good quality pens too. Having the notes section is so handy. I’m using it as a ‘to do’ list and am getting through more things in a week than ever before. I’ve just ordered the matching Menu planner.


My magnetic pack is beautiful, and really great quality. It took a bit of convincing for my husband to justify the cost (vs Kmart), but now it’s on our fridge he can totally appreciate it. I’m glad I purchased the coloured markers too so we can colour code the calendar.

Western Australia

Outstanding product! I don’t think I have ever received something with such meticulous packaging, every detail was thought of and such good quality. Highly recommend - will be buying another so I can have two months on the fridge! Super fast deliver too. Exceptional!

Western Australia

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